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About Air Market

What is the single most important criteria when selecting a freight forwarding service? Reliability of course! You have to be sure that your goods arrived at the right places. On time. Air Market Logistics (S) Pte Ltd has both the expertise, as well as the global experience to ensure just that.

Since our humble beginning in 1987, we have taken the ever-expanding and competitive airfreight industry by storm. We are now a full-fledged freight forwarder offering full inter-model transportation services for both inbound and outbound cargos.

Our success in the industry is built on the twin ideology of Dynamism and Efficiency. We believe in building customer trust and loyalty with our quality and reliable services. Regardless of your destination or cargo-type, Air Market Logistics  will get it to the destination right the first time and on-time every time .













Our Vision

To be the leader in Freight Forwarding

Our vision is simply to become the choice Air Freight, Sea Freight and Logistics services provider in Singapore. In our daily efforts to realize this vision, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best service to our customers and overseas partners. We recognise the challenge of this vision and we have inculcated in our team, right from Top management to the forklift drivers to strive for excellence in whatever we do. Our values are etched into our work ethics, summed up as BEST:


Best Interest for the customer.


Endeavour to improve, in order to strengthen our values to our customers.


Synergistic relationships with customers and partners paved tomorrow’s roads.


TOP priority is our customers’ cargos.

Our Track Record

Our track record is a testimony of our commitment. We have strategic partnerships with all major players in the Air Freight industry. We are the top agent for EVA Airways, Air Mauritius, Thai Airways, Asiana Airline, Gulf Air as well as Saudi Arabian Airlines. Currently, we are holding 60 airlines allotment, an undeniable indication of our airfreight strength, capability as one of Singapore’s top cargo agents.

Our Strength

The greatest strength in our company is our commitment to our Vision. We realise that in a globalised operation, we need to invest heavily in the hardware as well as the heart-ware.

Our hardware assets involved our own storage building located conveniently in the backyard of one of the world’s greatest cargo and freight hub, Singapore’s Changi International Airport. Our warehouses are equipped with computerised management systems to ensure orderly, efficient and effective storage and retrieval of goods.

Admittedly, the millions poured into hardware is just a part of our strategy. Our quest for customer satisfaction involves a 3-prong approach, SalesCustomer Service and Operations.

Our Sales teams have intensive market experience as well as in-dept knowledge of the countries’ culture and modus operandi, ensuring that the right advice and approach is given to the customer right from the start.
Backing for the Sales teams, tracking the status of delivery and using their extensive communication skills to get the most up-to-date details from our respective business partners and servicing our customers sincerely and knowingly.
As the heartbeat of the business, they are fit, ready and well-trained with the latest technological advantages to stay ahead of our competitors. Together,  Air Market Logistics (S) Pte Ltd is a big family of service-minded professionals, working together for the BEST for our customers.

Quality Management

Air Market Logistics quality management system complies with the ISO 9001: 2000 standards and requirements. The effectiveness of the system shall be continually improved as required by the standards.
Identified key processes such as sales and marketing, operations, monitoring and measurement, non-conformance control, etc that are needed for the quality management system.

Established the control measures on these processes so as to ensure its effectiveness.

Established sufficient resources and information necessary to support these processes.

Monitor, measure and analyze these processes and

Implement actions necessary to achieve results and continual improvement

Head Office

No 22 Loyang Lane S508931
+65 6260 0118 (12 Lines)

Airport Office & Warehouse

No 9 Airlines Road #02-17 Cargo Agents Building ‘D’ P.O.Box 659 Changi Airfreight Centre S918106
+65 6542 5966 (10 Lines)

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